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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Squid

My little man is now a year old! I can't believe it. I remember going to pick him up. I had the laundry basket lined with blankets and a towel for the trip. I didn't know how else to transport the little guy.

So I get there to pick out a kitten and all the kittens are running around chasing each other. They were all SO cute! Squid came up to me! He tried to walk on my feet. I think he picked me!

I brought him home in the laundry basket! He talked the whole time and stuck his little paw out the slants. He was adorable!

Steven and I thought he was a girl! So we named him Cricket. He was Cricket for a whole week before we realized he had man part! Oops! Sorry Squid. We still love you and hope we didn't mess you up too bad!

So now he is the biggest cat out of the bunch he came from! He jumps on the fridge, sleeps on top of the cabinets in the laundry room, plays with straws and teases the dogs next door from the window.

So happy birthday Squid. I hope this next year is as good to you as the first one was. We think you are pretty fantastic!

Xoxox- Mom and Dad

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